Wolverine Way Summit 

Unplugging Ourselves and
Reconnecting to Nature.


29 Experts on Nature Education, Wilderness Survival, Herbal Studies, Environmental Activism,
Naturalists & Writers, Musicians, Photographers, Conservation Leaders, Healers and Youth Workers talk about their view of the Environmental Crisis in hour long interviews.


I had a personal epiphany the spring of 2013 and decided I needed to make a much bigger impact than just what I have been doing at Hawk Circle as an educator and wilderness skills trainer.  I put together this Free Summit for anyone to listen, made up of one hour interviews with these speakers, to find out what's working for them, how we can reconnect to nature and get the healing powers and benefits that nature provides to us all.


Click on any of the Speaker Posters to follow a link to sign up and get all of the interviews!


Here's the rundown on my list of Speakers.   They each have a special Bio page on my Wolverine Way Summit site, and a link to listen to their interview online or for download to your computer or iPod or iPhone to listen anytime.


Tom Brown, Jr.

Susun Weed

Kiva Rose

Mike Douglas

Cheryl Charles

Doug Peacock

Derrick Jensen

Eugene Schwartz

Kristen Schulte

Cristina Eisenberg

John Griffith

Victor Wooten

Craig Blacklock

Joe Lau

Ruth Ann Colby Martin

Lisa Bonney Berry

Wendolyn Bird

Matt Bradley

Sean Rowe

Rees Maxwell

Tony Deis

Charles Saylan

Erik Hoffner

Laura Zerra

Brandt Morgan

Randall Lewis Eaton

Tom Elpel

Tom Brown III

Richard Cleveland


Every one of these speakers has literally decades of experience in the field, actively engaged in their lives work and passion in working with the natural world.  They are amazing people who have written books, inspired thousands of people, and have deep wisdom to share.


Best of all, this is a free giveaway to anyone who shares our concerns, and we also have a small but growing movement of people who want to take that inspiration and grow this into something larger for a major impact.   Check out the Wolverine Way Phase Three Facebook Group and say hello!


We also have a Wolverine Way Facebook Page too, that is just to stay connected!   See you over there!


I have some YouTube Videos where I talk about this new initiative and provide some of the details: