Training is the

Secret Ingredient.

The Skills and Activities We Teach will Connect Anyone to the Natural World.


If you want to experience how our ancient ancestors lived close to the earth, in direct contact with nature, I offer a number of different programs that awaken senses and feelings that have been inside you your whole life.   
I also specialize in trainings that focus on how to teach and share these skills with students of all ages and populations, as well as the business, communications and marketing aspects of this kind of mission.
I bring 26 years of direct field experience teaching adults, students, children, teens and professional groups, as well as time spent in the bush honing and living the skills I share.  
At the same time, I have trained season after season of staff members in the transformational program process that has changed students year after year.   I've mentored staff in their own programs as well, and provided assistance and support both in mindset, strategy, skills and program assessment.
If you want to make your program more effective, I can help.   If you want to get paid well for what you offer, I can give you ways that can both reach more students as well as also add to your bottom line.
I'm offering training programs in wilderness skills through three different methods:
Correspondence Courses (written and video),  
Online Coaching Intensives 
and In-Person Residential Retreats.  
My retreats are currently hosted at our wilderness education campus and small farm in Cherry Valley, NY, at Hawk Circle Wilderness Education.  
I am also available to do private group trainings for staff, instructors and directors at your location with advanced notice.
Click on the pictures to the left to get more info, and choose whichever program works best for you.   Then check out all the programs coming up this year!